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    Three friends, the Queen, the Bear, and the Bumblebee, set sail on a flying ship into the far reaches of space, where they encounter the charming Prince of Night and his wish-granting crown. The others ask for personal improvements, but the sage Bumblebee is happy to stay his old self. When trouble turns up, the humble bee saves the day with the tried-and-true assets nature gave him. Whimsically illustrated, this amusing verse tale shows the importance of believing in oneself.


    I used this book one year in our summer reading program. The children loved it and it led to some fun, enlightening activities around self acceptance. They thought the drawings were bright and colourful and they liked the story. The bee does give a positive, if somewhat didactic message. Kids liked how he knew that he could never please everyone and that the best thing to do is to accept himself and feel good about himself. The simple rhymes make it easy for kids to read on their own. All in all, this is fine book for children age 5-8.

    – Tania

    This book will become a classic and is a delightful compilation of images, rhyming words. The pictures are not so important because this is best listened to while someone else recites it or reads it to their youngster.I anticipate this book being used in schools as it becomes “discovered” as a treasure. It has a very meaningful message to youngsters to boot. Well crafted.

    – Jacqueline 

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