• Dini Petty is best known for her many years of radio and television broadcast, and continues to bring her charisma to audiences as a motivational speaker and presenter.

    Dini Petty has been featured as the platform speaker for events across the country, and is a proud member of the Nation Speakers Bureau of Canada. From fundraisers and charity events to conferences, educational talks and panel hosting, Dini brings an authentic, insightful and passionate presence to any speaking engagement.

    For booking inquiries, please contact Dini or view more information about Dini’s work with the Nation Speakers Bureau.


    Some of the organizations that Dini has had the pleasure of working with are:

    Royal Bank
    Ontario Hospital Association
    Wilfrid Laurier University
    Network of Volunteer Corordinators-Haldiman Norfolk
    Wilfried Laurier University Students Union
    Association of Ontario Health Centers
    Saskatchewan Women’s Conference
    Canadian Assoc of Petroleum Landmen
    City of Elliot Lake
    The Arthritis Society
    PEI Woman’s Associations
    Alexandra Maine + General Hospital Foundation
    The Business Center- Nipissing
    Humber River Regional Hospital Foundation
    Canadian Management Center
    PEI Business Woman’s Association
    Flagstaff Initiative to Relationship and Spousal Trauma